Because it makes me feel good

As I was setting up my new blog, I struggled to find a profile picture of myself due to the large volume of photos on my phone which include two little rascals either in the bath, eating watermelon on the beach or in matching pyjamas (just can't help myself after bathtime). I finally found one of me in a yellow Target dress which I wore to my friend's wedding in November last year. It reminded me how much I love yellow and how much I love a good yellow bargain.

So I thought I'd share this photo of my yellow Jag handbag I picked up at Myer a few months ago. It was one of those classic Myer moments when you think the bag is going to cost $80 and the salesperson says "that's $54.50". Love it.

I particularly like a splash of yellow even in winter when you need a hit of colour. This bag has been fantastic. It goes with everything from jeans and a white T-shirt to a navy blue corporate work dress. Would also look fabulous with yellow flats....stay tuned.

Apologies for the bag of potatoes in the background. I'm a beginner photographer. No apologies for the yellow pineapple pot or the wine rack :)