Active Style Tuesdays

Last year I struggled with finding things to do with my boys during the winter months on the two days I have off during the week. I thought an extracurricular activity of some sort would be fun for my then 3 year old while I could sit, cuddle and play with the 18 month old. What a pleasant morning I thought. Might even be able to sneak in a quick coffee while I watch along and chat with the other mums....

Well, we lasted a grand total of two soccer lessons and about 1.75 tennis lessons. I had to get my dad to help me look after my younger son while I coaxed, cajoled and calmed my defiant 3 year old who had no desire to a) participate or b) do as the coach asked. He just didn’t get it. And he didn’t like it. I pulled out of both activities and was kindly allowed to keep the soccer outfit and the tennis racquet (bargain – not).

I told my mother-in-law about the experience, complaining about how “all the other 3 year olds were able to have a good time!!” and it was her wisdom (she is a mother of 4 boys) that led me to relax and forget about extracurricular activities for a while. “There’s plenty of time for those activities later” she said. “Wait until they’re at school and they can follow instructions”. Two simple sentences and I got it. He wasn’t ready.

So the three of us have spent our special 2 days a week together at the beach, at the park, at the zoo, at the local play centre when it rains and at cafes where they serve mini chocolate milkshakes in cups with lids. And it’s been lovely.

As winter started to approach, I started to think maybe he (and me) were ready to try something new. Something that was like playing at an indoor play centre but had some structure. It was my hairdresser who recommended kindigym and I knew there was a place nearby. So we booked in for a trial lesson (yes I learnt my lesson well) and to my pleasure it was a huge success. My now 4 year old was the picture of a well behaved happy gymnast!! I also discovered the babygym class for my 2.5 year old so we now spend our Tuesday mornings at the gym centre – Mr 4 enjoys a 45 min lesson by himself while I participate with Mr 2.5 in the babygym class. There is no coffee, no sitting back to watch and no relaxing morning however I am happy to chase my son in and around the foam pits to see their excitement each Tuesday when I tell them “it’s kindigym day”.

My Tuesday wardrobe has also taken an interesting turn. While Mr 2.5 is in the babygym class, he is almost faster than his brother on his feet and just as stubborn so the workout I get is quite full on. I have decided to embrace the opportunity and enjoy some super comfy activewear each week. I put my tights / trackies on in the morning and they end up staying on all day. I even visit the supermarket afterwards feeling quite sporty after my “gym session” that morning. Playdates at the playground in the afternoon also mean I keep the runners on and can sit, crawl, run or cycle with comfortable ease.

Are you living a similar experience in your world? Perhaps you actually do get to sit/stand and watch your kids play sport. Or perhaps you feel like breaking out those new neon orange three quarter tights just for fun. Join me in activewear on Tuesdays (or whenever you feel like it) and share your sporty spice style with #activestyle on facebook and Instagram.

 Featured in my outfit today is a Lorna Jane top I bought myself for Mothers Day over a Witchery long sleeve top, Kmart three quarter trackies and my Naturalizer runners.