Beach weather is good for the soul

Across my limited selection of blog posts so far, the common theme has been about winter coming and the need to be warm, stylish and comfy. But the winter just isn’t coming to Sydney. The sun keeps shining, the temperature keeps rising and the knee high boots remain tucked at the back of my wardrobe.

Yesterday I took the little lords to Manly Beach with my parents, my sister and my niece and it was paradise. PARADISE. We spent two hours playing, swimming, digging, chatting, snacking and basking in the glorious sun. My sister and I even managed a 15 minute swim by ourselves which was the most invigorating activity I’ve done in a loooong time. Couldn’t keep the smiles off our faces as we raced each other in a very glamourous body surfing contest :)

A perfect day like that really is good for the soul!! So today I’m keeping the beach weather theme alive with some very fun ways to accessorise in true beach style. These are not season restricted and when I’m feeling a case of wet winter depression setting in around mid July, you might see more of these beauties adorning my outfits!

1. Hinterland 2 tone bangle by Polka Luka at Birdsnest $32.00; 2. Nali straw clutch by ASOS $31.30; 3. Boat in a bottle earrings by Polli at Birdsnest $39.95; 4. Blue beat sunglasses by Dot Dash at Surf Dive n Ski $29.99; 5. Lush beach print canvas tote by Dezso at Shopstyle $175.00; 6. Ocean sands scarf by Ivys at Birdsnest $29.95; 7. Shell ring by Armoured Jewellery at Etsy $32.92; 8. Sliced n diced long necklace by Rare Rabbit at Birdsnest $39.95; 9. Mini sunburst pendant necklace by House of Harlow at Surf Dive n Ski $69.00; 10. Angular thick cut bracelet by Rare Rabbit at Birdsnest $34.95; 11. Hibiscus earrings by Bec Stern at Birdsnest $34.95

Which of these is your favourite? How do you keep the winter blues away?