Countdown to a weekend away with the sisters

This week I’m using the “I’m going to Melbourne” mantra to get me through any challenges. You know when you’ve got something really exciting / fun coming up and when things go bad you just have to think about the exciting event and you feel like you can get through anything.

This morning the little lords were particularly upset with having to eat breakfast, get dressed and go to daycare – no problem because I’m going to Melbourne.

My tax and super need some serious attention as the end of financial year approaches – no problem at all because I’m going to Melbourne.

Husband has booked an 11 day surfing trip to the Maldives in July, how will I cope solo parenting? Piece of cake because I’m going to Melbourne.

This Friday. In 4 days time. I’m going to Melbourne. With my two sisters. For two whole days and nights. With no children. The itinerary includes food, shops, wine, sleep, food, coffee, shops, champagne, food, wine, shops. It’s amazing what a little break (or the thought of a little break) can do for your mood and your sanity.

Going away with my sisters is a privilege I know I’m lucky to have. We totally understand how much a little break means to each other and we know each other’s food, shop and wine preferences. We’re also totally ok with giving and receiving 110% honesty in all change rooms. So I’m really looking forward to having two fantastic style advisors with me as we embark on all the fashion treats Melbourne has to offer. My wishlist definitely includes jeans and shoes and after all the fun of the SnS Print Challenge last week, I’m particularly keen on adding some printed knitwear to my suitcase. My inspiration includes:

1. Knitted jumper by H&M $29.95; 2. Deer print jumper by Basic at Birdsnest $119.95; 3. Knitted jumper by H&M $27.95; 4. Dot to dot knit by Living Doll at Birdsnest; 5. Stars and stripes jumper by Basic at Birdsnest $109.95; 6. Houndstooth knit jumper by Target $20.00; 7. Silver fox cable knit by Sass at Birdsnest $79.95; 8. Free fusion zebra jumper by Target $35.00; 9. Colourbox jumper by Just Add Sugar at Birdsnest $69.95

If anyone has any Melbourne shopping recommendations, please let me know in the Comments below. Now excuse me - I’ve gotta go pack!!