Winter is Coming!

It was cold in Sydney this morning. That proper winter cold. The “little lords” strode into our bedroom at 6.14am full of energy so the heating and my slippers were on by 6.16am.

While warming my hands around a mug of tea at 6.21am, I resolved that it’s time to get organised for the cold months ahead. I’ve been in winter denial a little bit. On Tuesday I was at the beach with the kids at 4pm for goodness sake! But you could feel it in the air today. As they say on Game of Thrones “winter is coming”.

Have you ever dressed your kids on a cold day then grabbed a thin jumper for yourself on the way out thinking “I’ll be fine, it’s not that cold”. The kids, who are not only dressed in snug hoodies, do not stop running, jumping, climbing and playing for the entire visit to the playground. You could have dressed them in shorts and a t-shirt and they wouldn't be cold. While I do often find myself in fairly physical situations crawling through playground tunnels to rescue or cajole a child or two, most of the time I’m standing with arms crossed trying to keep warm while exposed to the winter elements.

It’s these times that call for a warm, durable, casual, cosy coat. Otherwise known as the playground coat. If you invest wisely, this piece may even become the soccer coat, the rugby coat or the netball coat in years to come! Here are some ideas for thermal inspiration. And a couple of fun beanies for those extra cold days!

1. Fakie puffer jacket by Rip Curl, $149.99 from Surf Dive n Ski; 2. Street Walks jacket in shiraz by Billabong, $159.99 from Surf Dive n Ski; 3. Olenna duffle jacket by Element, $169.99 from Surf Dive n Ski; 4. Hooded duffle coat in camel, $189.99 from Sportsgirl; 5. Maddie faux fur trim hooded bumber, $69.99 from Jeanswest (currently 30% off).

a. Pom pom beanie in citrus, $12.48 from Sportsgirl; b. Marble tracks beanie in hot candy, $35.99 from Billabong; c. Tillie beanie in leopard by Vonzipper, $29.99 from Surf Dive n Ski; d. Candy stripe beanie in jade by Burton, $34.95 from Surf Dive n Ski; e. Pattern knit beanie, $39.95 by Country Road.