Pearls of Wisdom

I’m starting to notice a pattern to my blog posts. It seems I am finding my weekly moodboard inspirations from the things happening that week in my life (see previous posts inspired by Vivid, Melbourne, kindigym etc). Nothing ground breaking about this discovery but stay with me.

This week I’m linking together the queen and my upcoming bathroom renovation. Can’t you see the connection? Mother of Pearl – you’ve got it!!

The long weekend dedicated to the queen’s birthday was greatly appreciated (thank you your majesty) and we all know the queen is the true mother of pearl style icon. She can work a pearl statement necklace like nobody’s business.

Over the queen’s bday long weekend I spent a lot of time researching and planning our bathroom reno. Lots of pinterest, real living mags and Houzz images (the Houzz app is awesome). While flicking through 17,846 bathroom images I decided that a) I would like a little niche in my new shower for the shampoo and conditioner and b) I rather like the idea of mother of pearl mosaic tiles. Here’s a few delightful ideas that have got me quite excited for this project.

So to link this all together I thought I’d share some pearl styling ideas. There’s been much talk and admiration of the lovely winter luxe theme in the blogosphere the past few weeks. I think these pearly additions would make the ideal finishing touch to the fluffy jumpers, faux furs and lovely leathers. Faux or real, pink or black, pearls can work with almost anything.

1. Silver and crystal drop earrings with pearl detail $12.99 by Lovisa; 2. Cream pearly oval clutch bag $85.76 by Debenhams at Shopstyle; 3. Expectant bird earrings $15.00 by Sister in Style; 4. Bettina pearl trim scarf $29.99 by Forever New; 5. Lena twisted rope and pearl necklace $29.99 by Forever New; 6. Pearl bow clip $14.99 by Forever New; 7. Long beaded pearl necklace $16.99 by Lovisa; 8. Adele stretch ring $12.99 by Forever New; 9. Jewel neck knit top $40.00 by Target.

Final pearl thought of the day: About eight years ago, I bought some oysters from our local fish shop and that night my husband almost broke his tooth on the tiniest, whitest, most perfectly round pearl!!! It’s still sitting in my jewellery box waiting to be made into a beautiful ring or perhaps a pendant...must get onto that....

Do you like to wear pearls? Do you have any bathroom renovation pearls of wisdom to share with me?

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